What Does This Wet Weather Mean For Our Pets?

We have all been affected by it, whether it’s added to the morning traffic, the grass is over growing, or our laundry is piling up because there just hasn’t been a day of sunshine in over a week. But have you thought about how all this wet weather is affecting your pets?

Wet Or Damp Fur

Wet or damp fur is the ideal incubation area for fungi or bacteria. If your dog is comfortable with the sound, a hairdryer is a great way to dry off your dog and avoid any skin diseases or sickness.

Also, don’t forget your pup’s paws. Especially in long haired breeds, the fur in between the paws can remain damp and cause prolonged irritation such as dermatitis and infections.  It’s a good idea to trim this area prior to any wet weather activities, or try protective boots on your pooch.

Ear infections are also common during rain events, especially in dogs with closed ears such as Dachshunds and Basset Hounds. Just like the paws, keep your dog’s ears dry especially after outdoor activities.

Don’t have time to keep your pets coat clean and tidy? Find out more about our grooming services with Hannah at our Booval Vet Hospital or Pine Mountain Vet Clinic.

Boredom And Depression

Yes, it is true, your pets can become depressed in wet weather so it is important to spend a lot of time with them and keep them enriched.  Dogs that are bored tend to get into trouble by looking for ways to entertain themselves. Boredom can lead to excessive chewing, barking, digging, and other destructive behaviours

  1. Play Hide and Seek
    All you have to do is play hide and seek around the house with your doggie, teach them to sit and stay while you find a good hiding spot.
  2. Play Tug of War 
    Grab out a rope toy get tugging! Tug of war is not only super fun for your pup, but it also lets them release frustration and allows them to set a goal – to win tug of war. Tug of war is a game to teach impulse control and a relationship building game with your dog. Practice teaching the dog to “give” on cue and trade the tug toy for a treat. If your dog can release the tug on cue, it makes the game way more fun and helps your dog learn impulse control at the same time.
  3.   Play Hand Ball 
    If inside allows it, roll the ball along the corridor and make your pet chase after it. This is a great way to get in some much needed exercise. You can also try this with cats, try using a bouncy rubber ball or a scrunched piece of paper.
  4. Play Find the Treats
    This is super simple but effective. Hide some doggy treats around the house and let your dog sniff them outis is a great way to extend feeding time as well!
  5. New Tricks
    You know that awesome trick you saw on the internet but felt like you didn’t have the time or energy to actually teach it to your pet? Well here’s your chance! Whether you want to teach your dog to sit, shake or even back flip, teaching your dog new tricks will not only fill in the time of the gloomy day, but it will keep your dog mentally stimulated and happy.
  6. Use a Long-Lasting Enrichment Toy
    Enrichment toys are a great, effortless way to make sure your pooch is occupied when you’re not home and of course, on rainy days! Fill milk bottles, toilet rolls or boxes with treats or smells. Make them work for that treat! Alternatively, a long lasting chew to keep them busy all day works just as well.



Thunder can be very distressing and troublesome for your pets. This can lead to pets escaping and becoming lost, or even worse, injured. To prevent them from running away keep them safe and calm indoors with you or on a tether that provides sufficient running space and access to food and water. You could also put them inside the laundry or toilet or in a suitable crate. A thundershirt for your dog or cat is also a great way of keeping them calm from anxiety in stressful situations.

Ensure your pets microchip is up to date in case your pet does escape!

If your pet is extremely anxious during storms, please seek veterinary advice, there are great products on the market to help your pet during these stressful times.

Slippery When Wet

Everything’s wet, the grass, the concrete, the pathway and your pets paws – which means they are much more likely to slip and possibly hurt themselves. Take it slow when walking or playing with your pet and dry your pets feet as often as possible.

If your pet does slip over, seek veterinary advice immediately.

Long Grass (Snakes)

The grass is growing, and we haven’t been able to mow in weeks, but as soon as the sun comes out and the weather warms up this will be prime snake location! Snakes love to hide in long grass and after this cool weather will be out and about looking for a feed! Keep your pets inside or away from long grassed areas until you have the chance to mow! Common snakes in the area such as the Brown Snake and Black snake will be fatal to your pet if you do not seek Veterinary attention straight away.  


Even though it seems ticks have not been deterred by this wet weather, Paralysis Ticks will be out in even more force when the weather dries up. With wildlife being more active, they will be brought into your yard and attach to your pets. Tick paralysis can be fatal and veterinary treatment must be sought immediately. Ensure you are on tick prevention TODAY!

Ensure your cat is on Bravecto Spot On which provides Flea and Tick treatment for 3 month and Nexgard for your Dogs!


This type of weather always means parvovirus season! Parvovirus can stay in the environment for years and is almost impossible to remove. The wet weather moves the earth around, brining the deadly disease to the surface. This disease has a very high fatality rate, and is prevalent in the Ipswich area. All puppies should be vaccinated at 6-8 weeks, 10-12 weeks, and 16 weeks and then vaccinated annually. If a puppy is not yet fully vaccinated, they should remain indoors and have no interaction with other dogs unless you know their vaccination status.

Book an appointment today for your annual health check and vaccination!


Yuck, at least there is one species that enjoys this weather! Toads! Toads will be out having the time of their lives in this weather – and can be very dangerous to our pets! Cane Toads and extremely toxic and can cause hypersalivation, seizures, irregular heartbeats and death. If your pet has come in contact with a toad, seek veterinary treatment immediately.


Sometimes we get slack at picking up the dog poo in the yard when its all wet, but this is actually prime time for faeces to start to attract bacteria and parasites. The wet humid conditions allow bacteria to grow and is a perfect breeding ground for eggs to hatch. So put on you raincoat and pick up that poo! Ensure your pet is up to date with worming and flea prevention!