Fabulous veterinarian services provided. We take our dog for his routine checkups & vaccinations & all have been done thoroughly & with great care. The staff are all very welcoming & our dog loves to go & say hello!! They are able to answer all our questions regarding our dogs health & when he had a limp the vet, Scott, did everything to discover why. When he found the cause he went through all the xrays, bloods & Specialist Consultant reports with us to ensure we fully understood the implications of the diagnosis & the possible treatments of same. Our dog has responded extremely well to the recommended treatment. They also desexed him when he was 6 months old & although we were very anxious, all was done to allay our fears & surgery & recovery wen very well. I would not hesitate to recommend this Veterinary Practice for all your animal needs. They have a Grooming & Bathing service available or you can bath your dog yourself for just $15.00. They have products to buy & can offer dietary advice for your animals also. Easy free parking is available. – Bronwyn C.

Bindi loves going to visit Pine Mountain Vet Clinic because she gets spoilt with cuddles from Dr Scott and his team. – Bec M.

 Frankie loves coming to her new vet, she loves the 1 minute drive in the car and the staff are exceptionally friendly! She makes herself at home!! Frankie will be back hopefully not too often though! – Nicole F. 

Jack loves seeing Scott. He got his diabetes under control. Thanks heaps Scott. – Terry T.

The amazing team! We wouldn’t take our Staffy Eve anywhere else. We can’t say the word ‘vet’ in our house without her at the door begging to go. – Emily W

Busta loves his friend Dr Scott who he has been going to since a pup into a young man through his vaccinations and escapades. Loves his friendly manner and knowledge – Jo J.

A extremely reliable and trustworthy team here. We take both our dogs here and have done for a few years now they get everything from nail clipping to weight management and also had one de sexed here. One of our dogs had a really bad ear infection and Scott was all over he tried everything possible from swabbing to drops to flushing and finally putting him under to clean it out as it developed to a super bug and “touching wood” his ear is clear to this day. We only go on days Scott is there. Receptionist is fantastic as well. Variety of dry dog food available as well as Nexgard products. – Matty G.

Tilly is an absolute sucker for attention. It’s been known that a trip to the vet should be that last place a dog would be excited to go but not Tilly! She knows she’s going to be able to milk everyone for attention and treats ?? I’m starting to think maybe her “injuries” are just a ploy to make a trip to see Scott and the girls at Pine mountain vet clinic – Natasha B.

Odett and Bebe would like to thank the wonderful staff for the care given while in your care. They are recovering very well. Wonderful service provided. Thankyou from all. – Debra S.