Our Team

Dr Jason Wendt BVSc


Jason attended Ipswich Boys Grammar, graduated with first class honours from the University of Queensland in 1996 and has worked in the local area ever since. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of veterinary medicine with both domestic and farm animals. He is particularly interested in small animal internal medicine and critical care and regularly attends further-education courses on the subjects. When not at work he enjoys taking his three young sons to the beach or working with his cows.

Dr Scott Campbell BVSc (Hons) M.A.C.V.Sc, D.A.C.V.N


Scott graduated from University of Queensland in 1994 and originally worked at Booval for 2 years from 1999. He then worked in the UK and US where he gained his Membership in Small Animal Medicine and became a Diplomate of the American College in Small Animal Nutrition. In 2007 he returned home and rejoined the team where many clients still remembered his friendly, approachable manner and his absolute dedication to pet care. Dr. Scott is an avid traveller and motorbike rider and at home is kept busy with his twin girls and son, plus Cassidy the cat who has a malformed front leg.

Teejay Hani

Practice Manager – Ipswich Vet Group

Teejay comes from a background in business management with over 15 years of experience managing teams in retail, hospitality and travel. Teejay brings a passion for people and animals to our clinics and a focus on customer service and patient care. On any given day Teejay will make his way between our clinics, there to help our staff, you and your pets. Always wearing a smile don’t be shy to strike up a conversation about dogs and cats as he has 2 fur kids of his own, a ragdoll named Skye and a burmese named Misty.

Dr Hannah Van Wunnik BVSc (Hons)

Head Veterinarian

Hannah joined the Ipswich Vet Group team in 2014 and is our Head Veterinarian. Hannah has proved herself to be a highly skilled and adaptive Veterinarian and thoroughly enjoys the diagnostic and surgical nature of her work. Growing up in Pittsworth, she was surrounded by animals and has a range of experience with both small and mixed sized animals. She is at her best under pressure and thrives in emergency situations where your pets need her poise and precision most of all. With a witty sense of humor and a love of animals she will engage in conversation about your fur kids while thoroughly diagnosing any issues. Hannah has two dogs, Burt and Don ,and hopes to add to that shorty. You can make an appointment to see Hannah at our Booval Vet Hospital or our Karalee Village Vet Clinic.




Nurse Operations Manager – Ipswich Vet Group

Sam is our Nurse Operations Manager at Ipswich Vet Group. Sam joined the clinic in 2008 while completing her senior year at Ipswich Girls Grammar and has worked here ever since. Sam originally trained at Booval Vet Hospital, before being promoted to Head Nurse at our Pine Mountain Clinic, and has recently moved back to Booval Vet Hospital as our Senior Head Nurse. Sam is a bright and cheerful nurse who enjoys all aspects of her job but gets a special satisfaction out of surgical nursing. Sam has three dogs, Hudson, Henry and Hank and 1 cat, Felix.


Inventory & Accounts Coordinator

Jodi has been with Ipswich Vet Group for over a decade. During that time she has touched the lives of many pets and their owners. With a passion for both pets and people Jodi transitioned from Vet Nurse to the groups Inventory & Accounts Coordinator over the last 3 years. In her position she uses her vast wealth of knowledge from her time in the industry to ensure we have all the necessary medications and equipment to provide our patients with a gold standard of care. She is a fundamental part of our team and brings care and commitment to her role and our patients every day. She rescued a kitten named Mila who she raised from a very young age, who now takes up all her time when she isn’t at one of the clinics!


Head Nurse – Ipswich Vet Group

Courtney joined our team at the end of 2014 and has successfully proven herself as Head Nurse working at both Booval Vet Hospital and Pine Mountain Vet Clinic. Courtney has a Bachelor of Applied Science, Majoring in Equine. She loves animals and she has the zoo to prove it at home!  Courtney has two dogs, Diesel and Bundy, a cat Frankie, 2 birds, Captain Risky and Second Mate and last but not least three horses.

Dr Alanna Harth BVSc (Hons)

Senior Veterinarian

Dr Alanna grew up in Tooowoomba, and developed her love of animals at an early age when visiting her grandparents dairy farm.  Alanna graduated from the University of Queensland in 2012, with honours in Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and started her career as a Veterinarian in Oakey where she gained valuable experience working with both large and small animals. Alanna’s main veterinary interest is in dermatology, but loves the team environment, and of course, cuddling puppies. In her spare time, Alanna is part of a hiking group, enjoys gardening and training her dog, Eddie, in dog obedience. It is obvious from the moment you meet Alanna that she was meant to be a veterinarian and her love for both animals and people shine through in her actions. You can make an appointment to see Alanna at our Booval Vet Hospital or our Karalee Village Vet Clinic.

Dr Amy Menendez BVSc (Hons)


Dr Amy is a favourite amongst clients, and joined the team in 2015. She has a gentle demeanour and makes you and your pets feel right at home. You can take comfort in knowing she takes great care with all of her patients. Out of work, Amy is a a keen soccer player and has a 9 year old Shetland Sheepdog, Dash.

Dr. Ellana Sue “Elsa” Winter BVSc (Hons)


Dr. Ellana Sue ‘Elsa’ Winter, joined the team in 2015. She graduated from the University of Queensland in Bachelor of Veterinary Science, with special interests in Avian and Exotic medicine, and chronic and palliative care. Her love of the weird and wonderful comes as no surprise, as previously working in zoos to bridal shops to corn fields. Her favourite animals are anything with feathers and everything without, though ‘grumpy old dogs’ run a close third. She currently resides in the Ipswich area with a small but badly mannered flock of lorikeets and the dopiest hound ever to grace this earth, whom she adores.

Dr. Jordan Zec BVSc


Dr. Jordan Zec is our newest edition to the team will be working between all three clinics. Jordan graduated from Murdoch University in Perth and decided to make the move to Queensland at the End of 2015. She started her career as a vet in mixed practice seeing all types of animals. Jordan joined the Ipswich Vet Group team at the end of 2017 and has enjoyed meeting all the clients and their furry family members. In her spare time, Jordan volunteers fostering RAAF puppies and Greyhounds ,enjoys horse riding and growing vegetables in her garden.


Senior Vet Nurse

Jacqui has worked with Ipswich Vet Group for many years now and is one of our senior nurses. Jacqui is one of our nurses and also does several days a week grooming. During her time in the industry she has completed numerous K9 Obedience courses as well as a grooming course. She has many of her own pets and enjoys spending time training her own dogs, Rogue, Monster and Fury.  Jacqui also has two cats, Angel and Cjay.


Senior Vet Nurse

Emily is one of our most trusted hospital nurses and prides herself on exceptional patient care, outstanding compassion and high attention to detail. She joined the Ipswich Vet Group team in 2016, and has loved every minute. She believes in gold standard care, and truly goes above and beyond for every patient!

Emily grew up in Ipswich and still lives in the area, and is Mum to her much loved Willow, a 3 year old Pomeranian and Walter the very naughty also a Pomeranian.


Qualified Vet Nurse

Brittany joined our team in 2017, after graduating from the University of Queensland with both a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology and Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Growing up locally, Brittany had a passion for animals and always wanted to work with them as a career, and found the veterinary environment interesting and engaging. Her favourite part of being a veterinary nurse is being able to create a positive experience to the patients minimising their stress, building trust and having them look forward to their next visit. Brittany loves all animals, though is particularly fond of dogs (specifically border collies), elephants, cats, turtles and goats. Her fur family consist of her border collie Theo (who is always eating things he shouldn’t) her cat, Tiger and Belle the Eastern longneck turtle. Brittany’s friendly face can be found at all three of our clinics, Booval Vet Hospital, Karalee Village Vet Clinic and Pine Mountain Vet Clinic.


Veterinary Nurse / Groomer

Hannah became part of the Ipswich Vet Group after completing her practical placement at Booval Vet Hospital. The team couldn’t let her go as her dedication and passion within the Veterinary industry was something that was truly admirable. Hannah’s calm and quiet nature makes all the animals feel at ease and she treats them all as if they were her own. Hannah has two (very “fluffy”) cats, Mickey  and Dobby who both have very big personalities, and an array of birds which she has either nursed back to health or raised from babies during her time as a Nurse.  Hannah is also our Groomer, grooming cats and dogs between both Booval Vet Hospital and Pine Mountain Vet Clinic.


Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Candice joined our team in 2017 and completed her Certificate in Veterinary Nursing while working at Ipswich Vet Group. Candice has loved animals ever since she could talk and knew she wanted to be involved in the veterinary field and strongly believes in being the voice for the animals that can’t. Candice enjoys being part of the patient care aspect of nursing and takes special interest in cases out of the ordinary that require intense monitoring and medical treatment. Candice aspires to learn and improve as much as she can to become the best nurse possible. In Candice’s spare time she enjoys being active (as was previously a personal trainer) and particularly likes boxing, weight lifting and hiking which helps her both physically and mentally with work. Her two special girls in her life are ginger domestic short hairs, Tiger and Lily who are sisters, but love all animals, especially cats.


Qualified Vet Nurse / Puppy Preschool Trainer

Rhiannon grew up on the Gold Coast then moved to Murwillumbah where she began her veterinary nurse training at just 15 years of age. Since she can remember she would take any opportunity to work with animals whether it be in a pet shop or volunteering at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, believing her passion for animals came from her mother, who was always caring for sick and injured animals throughout her childhood. Rhiannon’s favourite part of being a veterinary nurse is the unusual cases, in particular exotics. She aspires to keep learning as much as possible, about disease, nutrition, wildlife and biology, and one day pursue her dream to work with rehabilitation of endangered species. Her favourite animal is the orangutan, and is captured by their beauty and dreams of meeting one. Since she cannot have a pet orangutan, she makes do with her pet snake, Patrick, and plans to shortly expand her family with chickens and pet rats.