Kitten Feeding

Choosing a kitten food is a big responsibility. After all, it’s what will help her grow and develop to her full potential. But, to help her feel secure, it’s best not to change her diet straight away. Remember to find out what your kitten has been eating before you became her new owner, and feed the same food. Then, if you do decide on a new food, mix it with her usual food until the changeover is complete. You should take 5 to 7 days to get your kitten used to her new food. Whatever you’re feeding her, remember, little and often is the order of the day to begin with – kittens aged from eight to twelve weeks need four meals a day, three meals from three to six months, and two over six months old.

The first year of your kitten’s life is when they do most of their growing, so it is essential to feed them a good quality kitten diet. Their digestive and immune systems are maturing during this time and a good quality diet will help support this development too. By feeding them properly during this time and continuing to do so throughout their adult life, you can help set them up for a long, healthy life.

By far the easiest and most successful way to ensure your growing kitten is getting a healthy; balanced diet is to feed a complete premium food for kittens. There are two types of complete foods available, dry or tinned. With dry food, your kitten can visit her food bowl as often as she likes throughout the day. Wet foods in cans or pouches, on the other hand, are likely to lose their freshness quickly once in the bowl, so need to be given as separate meals throughout the day.

Not all kitten foods offer the same quality and value for money. Make sure you check the ingredients list, or better still, ask your vet for advice. A good food should provide all the nutrients essential for a growing kitten to become a healthy cat. Click here for information on Hill’s kitten food

Believe it or not, we wouldn’t recommend giving milk to your new kitten; cats are actually lactose intolerant and given in large quantities can cause diarrhoea. Instead, clean, fresh water should be available at all times.

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